How to add repository to a search category?

I would like to list my image in several dockerhub search categories (e.g. “storage”, “devops tool”). Please can you tell me where can I set them for a repository?

Do you want to search using the webform? You can set muptile categories after you searched for a keyword.

As a repository maintainer, how can I set up keywords for my images/repositories?

Oh… sorry, you asked the right question but I misread it. So you can’t set those tags. If you move your mouse pointer over the exclamation mark next to the “Categories” label, you can see that those categories are for Official images and for Verified Publisher’s images.

thanks for quick reply. Our company joined verified publisher program recently, but I do not see any option how to set search categories

Unfortunately I don’t know any verified publisher personally, so I can’t tell you how you could set the categories. It is possible that you have an other interface for that.

Based on [Docker Hub] Allow setting "category" tag for official images · Issue #76 · docker/roadmap · GitHub it seems that the search categories is an unofficial pet project.

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