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Newbie question, why can't I search for an image in a public repository?

I am very new to Docker and trying to find my way through basic image management. I logged into Docker Hub and created a public repository called “xyz-image.” Let’s say that my Docker Hub ID is “abc-id.” I took the hello-world image and created a new tag… docker tag hello-world:latest abc-id/hello-world:dev

I pushed the image up to my account on the Docker Hub… docker push abc-id/hello-world:dev

I see the image when I log into the Docker Hub, but from a command line I can’t seem to search for it… docker search abc-id/* returns nothing. If I replace the wildcard with the image and tag, the search still returns nothing.

If I remove the local image… docker rmi abc-id/hello-world:dev, I can replace the image by pulling it from the Docker Hub… docker pull abc-id/hello-world:dev

Why doesn’t the search work?


Im not 100% sure how it works, but i dont think you can search for a specific user/image, why not just use docker pull then?

You can use it as: docker search userid or docker search imagename