How to add some programs to a container (more specificaly Sagemath)

Hello, I use docker with Sagemath. But I am a complete dummy about it. Is there a place where I could find information about the procedure or more easily is there some body who can explain how to proceed. I use windows10, but if there are some peculiarity I must also be informed about the Mac procedure, since I have some students who work with Mac.

By advance thnaks.

Sorry, I’m confused. You statd you “use docker with Sagemath”, but you also ask about how you add install it in a Docker container if I understand the question correctly.

'Im afraid you will have to be even more specific or you can wait for someone who use Docker on Windows and also want to use Sagemath and I have no idea how many people could help.

I know nothing about Sagemath except what I found when I searched for it on Google and I also installed it on my Mac 5 minutes ago to see what it is. It started a terminal but it required graphical interface to install and configure. GUI is not supported in Windows containers. You can use GUI in Linux containers, but I would not recommend it unless there is no other way. If it inded requires GUI, I believe for your students it would be enough learning math without trying to run an app in a Docker container that was not meant to be running in containers.

About “adding programs”: depending on the platform /operating system in the container, you would need to be familiar with command line interfaces and how you can install something that way. Than you can use a file called “Dockerfile” to describe the installation process and run docker build to build an image.