How to answer yes with "Enable to AppArmor support?" [yes/no]

Prompt ask me Enable AppArmor support? [yes/no], how can I answer yes by Dockerfile?

Not all applications are meant to be installed ina container.

  1. Apparmor runs on the host, so I don’t think any apparmor support in a container could help, so you should NOT answer with yes
  2. If you still want to install msmtp, you have to find out how you can install it non-interactively. It could be mean that you need to preconfigure it before the installation so it might not ask anything or you can use an other installation method like downloading as a binary or compiling from sourcecode.
  3. Debian systems support a variable that can tell applications that you don’t have an interactive terminal, so they shouldn’t ask questions. The variable is

PS:: Please, next time provide more context instead of just sharing a screenshot. It is hard to find on a screenshot what you actually wanted to share and what prompted the question which is an important part of the issue.

Thank you rimelek. I wrote ENV DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive into the Dockerfile, it did not ask me anything. And building succeed.