How to apply instructions for Docker container to create a Conda virtual environment?

Please excuse my obvious lack of familiarity with the subject. I am in a position where I must learn on the fly. I have been following an online course (no tutor) to learn how to carry out some bioinformatics analyses. The recorded lectures have introduced both Conda virtual environments and Docker containers. While it is most appropriate (and simpler) for me to use Conda virtual environments, the meat of how to carry out the bioinformatics analysis is all demonstrated through the creation and use of Docker containers.

My question: What principles or guidelines should I follow to take what is shown for Docker containers and apply those to working in Conda virtual environments. I guess the advice could be something as simple as, “Once the instructor has set up a Conda virtual environment within the Docker container, do what he does.”

My apologies if this question makes no sense in the real world (as opposed to the one inside my head).

Can you explain a little bit more what you would like to know? For example I don’t know what you mean by gudelines and principles. Since you know how to work with conda, you just need to start a container from a conda environment image and activate the environment.

Thanks so much for responding. I think I will have to become more familiar with Docker containers to make my question intelligible. I will come back when I have done so. Thanks again!

May I suggest this excellent free self-paced docker training. It will give you a solid foundation about how docker works an how things are done in docker. Don’t be intimidated by the number of slides - many of them can be processed quickly. Though, make sure to perform the hands-on exercises.

Oh, that looks excellent. Thank you so much!