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How to compose docker-compose.yml so i can access deamon's container with PHP?


(Commanddotcom) #1

Hi. I’m new to docker and probably I don’t understand something about relation between containers.

Lets say I have docker-compose.yml version 3 with Nginx+PHP. How do I add image vitr/casperjs so I can call it from PHP like

exec('/what/is/the/path casperjs --version', $output);

? Is it something about the volume? Is it something about the dependents?

I struggled a lot but i just don’t get it. Casperjs works fine with

$ docker exec my_alias_for_casperjs casperjs --version

but i can’t access it with PHP. How do i?


Is it okay to merge PHP, PhantoJS and Casper JS into single Dockerfile?

(Justin Bodnar) #2

Yes, you can merge it all on the same image, and it’s probably the best route if you want to call it all from one container.

I wasn’t sure what casperjs is, so I did a quick google search. It looks like something you’d run on a seperate testing container, and have all the tests pointed at your nginx/php container. Not entirely sure.