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How To containerize tomcat using docker container?

I want to containerize tomcat-9.0.14 inside a docker container. And deploy this container on other Windows machine where JRE is not installed. Run this container on that windows machine and see the output of http://:8080 in browser.

Normally, to run tomcat on Windows machine, JRE needs to be installed and JAVA_HOME must be set to C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_172, for instance.

What are the steps required to create a docker windows container for this ?
According to my assumption, for above docker container must contain JRE setup, tomcat setup, environment variables configuration in some file. What will be the structure of such a container. Can anybody point me to a link ?

I tried using this link:
But it is pulling image FROM microsoft/windowsservercore around 4.07 GB.
Do I need to create container image of my entire Windows OS to achieve my above objective on another Windows machine? Can anybody please help …