How to create a plain bridge network without IPAM/DNS/Masquerading?

My setup is as follows: I have a set of Docker containers that are basically self-contained IP network nodes. That is, they only require LAN access (eth0); some need two LANs as they’re network function containers. The hosts are Linux systems with Debian/Raspbian Stretch 9, as well as Kubuntu 17.04.

I would like to connect them to one (two) Linux kernel bridges on the host, where these host bridges are then also connected to their respective physical LAN network interfaces (eth0 and eth1). Unfortunately, it seems that I cannot use the stock bridge network driver … or can I?

The two bridge networks must not have any IP(v4) address management in place. In addition, Docker must not manage the container’s /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf: especially the resolver configuration must be left as is, as it is managed inside the containers using IPv6 autoconfiguration by dhcpcd. There is no IPv4 autoconfiguration on purpose. And finally, no masquerading either, as the containers are LAN nodes.

From what my many Google searches and frequent trips to Docker docs and Stack Overflow have turned up I don’t see whether the stock bridge networks can be configured as plain LANs without any IPAM and DNS management. Or did I miss something?

How can I setup such plain LAN bridge networks?