How to create the base container image for RHEL 6 or RHEL 7

I have a RHEL 6.x VM on my laptop and I have installed docker-engine on it. Now I need to create a base container for RHEL on it and save it in local docker registry.
Now, I want to pull the RHEL base container and install single node hadoop cluster on it and save that new image and push it back to the local docker registry.

The purpose of this activity is to provide a ready made hadoop docker image to all developers in my team. I dont want to pull the cloudera hadoop image from dockerhub because I am behind the firewalls and cannot access docker hub.

I have not found any instructions on either redhat site or on how to create a base container image for RHEL 6.x or 7. Can any one share the instructions to build RHEL base container on top of a RHEL VM.?

At the end, my stack will look like this:

Single node hadoop cluster
RHEL Docker container
RHEL VM on VMWare Player
Windows PC


The redhat containers are not opensource so you might be hard pressed to be able to build them with out being able to pull them down from redhat repo

If you can get to git hub you can pull down the centos (open source redhat) repo and build that base image from scratch then build up from there

Good luck :smiley: