What base image I need to deploy several software?

Hi, i need to create a empty base image to deploy some IBM Software inside a container. Y try to build a ultra-simple base image using FROM scratch, but can’t exec shell commands. My host is a offline RHEL7, not allowed to exit Internet.

All that I need is to create a Dockerfile that deploy some software inside a container, por example:

FROM my_base_image

RUN ./install.sh

Thanks in advance.

I would suggest centos:7 (or maybe centos:6) since that’s extremely similar to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (or 6) and it’s most likely to meet the userspace requirements of commercial software. You’ll probably have reasonable luck with another standard distribution image too (e.g., ubuntu:14.04 or ubuntu:16.04).

FROM scratch is kind of an advanced topic, and I wouldn’t try to do anything with it unless you can explain why your setup will work in an environment without a shell or libc, and given that lead-up, you can instantly explain why you need a statically-compiled application binary for it.