Need to find path of exec command

I’m learning docker and i encounter a problem: What is the path in the new terminal when i use “docker exec -it [container-name] bash”. I tried using “pwd” command it just print " [my-folder-name]" but not full path like : /home/blabla/abc

Please, show the exact commands you ran and what you expect to see. Each container has its own isolated filesystem. ou will not see the same filesystem as you see on the host, but pwd will still give you a full path so this is the point where I don’t understand what you are trying to get.

Sorry for late respond, here is the process i’ve been doing:

Inside this container, there is some setup that will install some files. The problem is when i run this setup, it says the files is installed in “/root/…” but when i view root folder there is nothing. So i tried to to view the path of this running container but it only return “/mediapipe/” but nothing such as “/home/[My-name]/…” My question is where are the files install at?

You should not install anything in a running container unless it is temporary for testing, but let’s put it aside for now.

pwd show you the current path, the path of the folder where you are in. Almost every container has an empty home folder and a /root which is not under /home Are you saying that you tried the following command and it showe you nothing?

ls -la /root