How to enlarge centos image disk size?

Hello all, i’m developing a container based on centos,

I’ve to install and configure a sw inside the container from about 22gb of bindary and when my docker file copy binary inside the container i get no space left on devices.

I’ve checked an empty container is starting with about 22gb free… inside a 55gb of disk.

May i set up someware to start this container with larger disk, do be able to copy the binary inside the container?

I like to have the ability to set-up the container partitioning if needed


I think you are hitting the default size of the MobyLinux disk space.
You need to extend it from HyperV.

Yes in last days i looked into it and you are right.
Docker images are stored inside the mobiLinuxVM created by docker setup and from images/container you see that filesystem.

Unfortunately docker setup is creating that vm inside my hyperv with 55 or 60gb max of space, and i’vent find any way to expand the partition .

I resolved this things switching to an ubuntu VM with docker for linux… but i’m still interested to know how to expand the mobiVM disk and partition (the disk is easy to expand from hyperv but i missing steps for partition)


It’s not supported, but you may be able to expand the size of the Moby harddrive with Hyper-V manager on Windows.

Thanks for confirm, it what i’ve undestood by myself.

For now ill comes back to docker on linux , ill see in future