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Increase MobyLinuxVM (Hyper-V) available disk space

(Renka) #1

I have run into a situation where I have run into the 60GB limit of the MobyLinuxVM.

It’s easy to change the *.vhdx images size in Hyper-V manager but that does not change the partition size in the VM itself.

And there seems to be no possibility to SSH into VM to change the partition size. Or is there?

And please don’t suggest that I do some docker cleanup (like in any other thread I found with my searching). I have a big DB that I need to run in the docker and there’s nothing more to clean up. Only possibility is to increase the available size.

(Flaviofreitas) #2

Check Manage Host Disk Volume Size

The size is hard coded in the file MobyLinux.ps1 and changing it will erase all your images and containers.