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How to expose my container to the outside world

Hello everyone
I am new to docker and first thing to do was run apache container on my ubuntu box.The command that i have used was [ docker run -d -p 50001:80 eboraas/apache-php ] if i browse localy from my ubuntu box i can access the container from whatever interface i try .So next step was to forward port 50001 from my router to and hopefully access the container from but unfortunately it doesn’t work i can’t access the container. If i do tcpdump -n port 50001 i can see the request coming from outside but if i do tcpdump in the container i can’t capture anything. Please check this schema on my network and if you have any advice on how to access the container from internet let me know

here is the link ->

I have found the problem it looks as the problem was in my mikrotik firewall .