How to Fix and Debug Docker Containers Like a Superhero - Ákos Takács

We want our apps to run without errors, but sometimes we can’t. The root cause is not always obvious and finding that in containers can be even harder. Especially without the source code. What if you can’t build the image because of an error?

Learn some tricks and be the hero of fixing containers. As an active user and leader on the Docker Community forum, Ákos Takács, Software developer realised how much you need help, especially if you are a beginner. However, the real problem is often the lack of information like error messages and details of your environment. In this session, Akos shows you how to find that information and not just get help faster, but also find the solution and help someone else in the community.

During this session, he covers the following topics and provide examples so you can try them yourself!

  • Using the docker command
  • Docker Compose
  • Debugging your app by editing files in the container
  • Using a GUI (if you don’t prefer the terminal)
  • Browsing the overlay2 filesystem - Finding errors during Docker build
  • Docker Desktop and why it is different

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