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How to get Docker operational on a private network?

I have installed Docker Desktop on a Windows 10 computer.

This Windows computer is on a private network with no direct access to the internet. Files can be indirectly place on the computer but Docker cannot directly talk to the internet.

I have enabled Hyper-V, Virtual Machine Platform, and Windows Subsystem for Linux.

I also installed wsl_update_x64.

What do I need to put on Docker to run it on an air-gapped private network?

What is the difference between a container in docker and an image in docker?

How can I download images and place them inside a directory on my computer that does not have direct internet access? What directory do I place the images in and where can I download images?

Do I need to configure Docker to use an Ubuntu distribution?

Sorry for the newbie questions but I am new and don’t know what I am doing.

Hi :slight_smile:

You should be able to install docker without internet connection, the problem where you might need internet, is for pulling down images , but there is a way around that.

You need access to a pc with internet that also has docker (or this GitHub - NotGlop/docker-drag: Download image from the Docker Hub HTTPS API), maybe your own laptop/pc.
from there you can pull that image, save it as a .tar file, copy it to where you want to run it, and then load that file into docker.

An image is the “base”, it contains the application you want to run, maybe an apache webserver, when you then want to start that application, you run a container based on that image.

“Do I need to configure Docker to use an Ubuntu distribution?”
Not sure what you want to do here?