How to Install docker from start

Need to setup a 3 node docker cluster from start with each node on respective Oracle virtual Linux servers( 7.4) D1, D2 & D3. How to get started with docker installation?

Once docker is setup, i need to work to get the required ElasticSearch setup using docker-compose, Initiatialize the docker-swarm and create an overlay network.

Since there is no Docker-CE from Docker for Oracle Linux, I would suggest to direct that question to the maintainer of Oracle Linux. Even if Oracle Linux has a docker package, it may or may not be up-to-date and may or may not have modifications that result in different behavior. You might be better off to ask this question in an Oracle Linux community, as it is more likely someone tried and succeeded, than in a Docker forum that does provide no package for your OS.

Thanks for your revert. I used this link to install docker engine. In general, for other installations, does it suffice to install docker-engine and then proceed with the required Conatianers(In my case ElasticSearch) setup or are there anymore steps?