How to setup a docker on Linux machine

I’m entirely new to docker!! and would like to setup a docker on a test linux virtual machine-Redhat enterprise Linux 7.8

We eventually need it to configure ElasticSearch on top of it. Please share the steps from start till end for this setup. We have other environments completely setup with this configuration and if I can utilize them to copy or get any needed info, please do share as well.

P.S- I know there is a lot docker information available on Internet, I’m seeeking specific steps.

Have you tried to start with the official documentation?

You will probably not find step-by-step tutorials on this forum for basic tasks like installing Docker. If you have specific issues, please, share what you tried and and we are happy to help you.

You don’t have to search on the internet for this. Always start with the official documentation.

I also recommend this training to get started with Docker

Since you are new on this forum too, I recommend also my slides where I collected some advice how to ask on the forum to get quicker help.