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How to install Docker in Linux without Internet?

I have downloaded the .tar file from Docker website and unzip and configure to linux (I do not have internet on server).Besides, I configured docker in my local machine(with Internet) and created a docker image of Hello-world sample and save it as .tar file.
now I have taken this image on my server machine (without Internet) and try to execute it getting error :

container_linux.go:247: starting container process caused “exec: “cmd”: executable file not found in $PATH”
docker: Error response from daemon: oci runtime error: container_linux.go:247: starting container process caused “exec: “cmd”: executable file not found in $PATH”.

ERRO[0000] error getting events from daemon: net/http: request canceled

Docker Version: 17.03.0-ce

The common approach for air gapped environments is:
– fetch the packages for your os from the docker’s repos, do the same for all other dependencies
– install the packages using the package manager of the os
– setup a private container image registry

The tar approach on the other hand is a pure manual approach. I would neither recommend it, nor have I ever seen that someone in an air gapped environment would go down that road.The tar approach only makes sense, if no packages are available for your linux distrubtion.

Only way to install if there is no internet is download tar and extract. you must download the DEB package and install it manually and manage upgrades completely manually. This is useful in situations such as installing Docker on air-gapped systems with no access to the internet.

How did you connect to the server then if it has no internet?
The described situation sounds confusing to me. Lets me recap:

You downloaded the .tar file from the Docker website with, presumably, your local machine.
Then, use the .tar as a base image to create your own image and save it as another .tar file, with, also presumably, the local machine.
Then, somehow move the file into the server without using the internet, probably with a flash drive?
Then, trying to create a container and got some errors. And then try to figure out how to accomplish the original goal of creating a container from the image, correct?

The error message seems related to the executable file, cmd, rather than the internet, though.