How to install docker in windows server 2012 R2?


Please provide me with the steps to install Docker in Window server 2012 R2.

Thank you.

Did you try the forum search with “install docker windows 2012”? It should find plenty of results. Though, ignore posts that suggest docker-toolbox as solution - it’s deprecated.

Thank You.
Yes, I have checked but it is not with the proper steps if possible please provide the links.

Regarding the links you are on your own, as we both would need to search for them or google for them… so I leave it to you to do so.

But what I can say is:

  • Windows Container are not supported before Windows Server 2019.
  • You can create a Linux VM (Ubuntu recommended) in Hyper-V (or whatever VM solution you prefer) and install Docker-CE inside the vm. This solution does not run Windows Containers.
  • Docker Desktop is not supported on Windows Server

Ok, Thank you. I will try to search if I will not get it. Then, Please share the links if possible.

Windows containers are supported on Windows Server 2016 and above. You can find the install process on the official documentation here: Prep Windows operating system containers | Microsoft Docs

Good catch! It should have been “Windows Container are not supported before Windows Server 2016.” above and not “Windows Container are not supported before Windows Server 2019.”

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Just one other note: While Docker desktop is not supported on Windows Server, you can still run any Windows container on a Server machine using the instructions on the link above.

Thank you for your response, I got it, it is impossible to use docker in Window server 2012 correct ?? Please confirm this, as it’s urgent.
One more doubt
I’m having an image on one machine if I want to import to another machine then it is necessary to have Docker on another machine also.

Like I wrote in my 2nd response:
You can always run a Linux in Hyper-V or any other virtualisation solution and install and use docker-ce in the vm to run Linux-based containers.

There is no way on Windows Server 2012 to run Windows containers.

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