How to install msi/exe to windows container (without silent installation)

Is there a way to install msi/exe into windows container (not using silent installation)? How to provide inputs to the UI screen associated to the installer. Is it possible to do it in windows container?

Since there is no UI in Windows containers, you can’t install something that requires UI to install it. If the software supports command line installation, you can try to install it in a Windows container assuming the requirements are also installed.

With a custom PowerShell script or chocolatey maybe (which is mostly POSH when you look at the packages) ?

If the application requires GUI for the installation a custom powershell script won’t help. And you can1t write a powershell script without having some documented parameters to use from Powershell.

Chocoletey could be a good idea if the package available from the repo and assuming that doesn’t start the GUI as a first step. I’m not really familiar with chocolety so I don’t know. how that would work

@bhaskaraltera Is chocoletey an option for you? If it is and msi and exe installers were just examples but you don’t actually it is not important and the software is available using chocoletey, then @goffinf’s answer can still “save you” :slight_smile:

I don’t use chocoletey. As I try to install a third party application which doesn’t support silent installation, I was looking for an alternative. Since it is a third party msi, the chocoletey might not be helpful