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Install exe file (GUI) on window container using docker

Hi , I installed docker on window server 2016(14393) build. I want to install exe file on window container using docker. Exe file requires gui for installation. Here is the dockerfile:-

FROM microsoft/nanoserver:10.0.14393.953
COPY SoftKey2.exe /bin/
ENTRYPOINT [“bin/SoftKey2.exe”]
CMD ["/bin/SoftKey2.exe",“input1”,“output”]

Build command:-Docker> docker build -t softkey .

this successfully creates image , can be see using docker image ls
Run command:- docker run softkey

When I run this nothing opens up. Please help on this . I got some example to run firefox using Linux docker container on web but not related to this.
Thanks in advance.

GUI based apps are not supported in Windows containers at this time.

If i want to install any exe silent installation means there is no GUI then is it possible with window container.

Is this still an issue?