How to license Docker Engine on a server (agent)


we purchased some Team licenses to equip our servers with them that have the docker engine running and sometime get hit by the rate limit.

But how do we do that technically?

Create a docker id on Docker Hub ?
Our servers do not have an email address, so we’d have to use a dummy one, reuse a personal one or create an address for each server just for the sake of receiving mails from Docker.

And how does the login work?
Simply with “docker login” ?

Or are there better ways to do it?


Docker Engine is free, so it does not need a license and servers are not licensed either. Users are. Docker login is one way to login, but it would not help on Kubernetes, so there are other ways too depending on the environment, You could also generate the file that docker login would change, so you don’t need to interactively log in. You can find more infomration here: docker login | Docker Documentation

If you have one user, you can create mutliple access token: Manage access tokens | Docker Documentation
to have multiple service accounts: Service accounts | Docker Documentation

I don’t know about any restriction regarding the number of severs that one user can log in from, so as long as the limits are enought for you, you should be allowed to use one PRO subscription with multiple service accounts.

Hey Ákos, thanks for your help!

If I want to create that service account, the docs say, I should first “Create a new Docker ID”.
Is there a way to create one without an email address?

No. Since Docker IDs are for users, and users need to be identified and have a unique e-mail address, you need one.