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Bulk Create and Pay for Pro Accounts?

What’s the best method for creating a large number of Docker IDs and also subscribing them to the same level of service (Pro) that doesn’t include giving each user a credit card number to use?

Best method? I don’t think that it is possible at all. Or maybe I misunderstand. Do you want to somehow automate creating user accounts on Docker Hub and subscribing them to the Pro? That would be considered an attack I think. You could try the Business subscription but that does not seem to be what you want. So contact the Docker team. Good luck, because they haven’t replied my ticket for exactly two months now and I already have Pro subscription.

I have over a hundred users that suddenly need Pro subscriptions and accounts, and don’t want to give anyone the credit card number, nor do I want to burden the procurement agents. If I could divide the workload up, it’d be easier on everyone concerned.

The Business subscription is far more than we need, but is the only plan that’ll let you get a consolidated quote from Docker =/

It looks like a bussiness to me. But I am not in Docker sales team, so contacting them is the best you can do. They will probably say (if they say anything) you need business subscription.

Even for “a business”, looking at the pricing, there is no limit to how many Pro accounts one may register. On the other hand, a custom quote for a Teams or Business subscription may be lower than registering a lot of Pro accounts. I have no idea.

Aside: Teams may also be great to get more access tokens for each user.

Thanks for the answers. I’ve already had discussions w/ their sales team, and they will only give a quote w/ Business, but I definitely want Pro.

The biggest issue is that the only way to upgrade the account requires the user’s credentials AND the credit card info, and those two items belong to two different people, neither of which should have both.