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How to make changes to xhyve host?

I’m wondering what the correct way to make changes to the xhyve host vm with Docker for Mac Beta? In particular there are some issues like this one that must be fixed on the Docker host (in this case by disabling transparent huge pages). I wasn’t able to find any documentation about how to make those changes or otherwise access the xhyve vm.

You can get shell access by using screen, like: screen ~/Library/Containers/com.docker.docker/Data/com.docker.driver.amd64-linux/tty

The username is root with no password.

This information is available from under Troubleshooting > Workarounds.


Please do bear in mind that the Linux image is always subject to change between beta updates. If you could file specific issues that are causing you to want to modify the distro, we’ll do our best to either fix them or expose an explicit configuration knob.

I’ve filed an internal issue (#3102) to look into the transparent hugepages problem. Thanks for reporting it!

Transparent huge pages are now disabled in Beta 23.

I can get the login, but the terminal is screwed up and this doesn’t seem to be included in the support page linked anymore.

Frankly, the worst think about the new xhyve docker is lack of good support information.

The basic question is what you need to know or fix something that is local to the VM, there is no real support. I don’t want to jump through a whole series of hoops just to figure out what happened to the volumes in my stopped containers. It would be best if the whole xhyve file system were available on the Mac OS host, but that seems to be supported as NFS or some other file sharing (no? then why isn’t this information easy to find?)

The developers and first round users need to be better at providing this to the wider community if you want us to like what you are doing.