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How to make the scope global

$ docker network create -d overlay --attachable testnetwork2 --scope global evy99yyja3na0hlm44b95q71

$ docker network create  --scope global -d overlay test1network

$ docker network ls
NETWORK ID          NAME                DRIVER              SCOPE
ievy99yyja3n        testnetwork2        overlay             swarm
8lb6f96m3ma0        test1network        overlay             swarm

How to make the network overlay global? I am creating the network with Global scope but by default going swarm scope, How can makeoverlay network global

An overlay network is always swarm scoped. You can try to substitute “global” in your command with “local” which will throw a “Error response from daemon: cannot downgrade network scope for overlay networks” error. Every other value than “local” seem to be ignored and result in swarm scope.

Actualy the correct behavior should be that an error is raised and the command fails. Instead the error is sillently surpresed and a fallback to the default value takes place.

Can you please elaborate what you mean with a “global” scoped network?