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How to monitor the processes inside the containers


I have the docker container running on my host Ubuntu-20.04. I wanted to monitor the docker health and thus on doing sone research I took “cAdvisor+Prometheus+Grafana” and “node export+Prometheus+Grafana” as for monitoring. Here I am getting the info on the CPU, memory utilization, network related data as shown below:

But, I need to monitor the processes running inside the containers. I need to check if the particular process is running or not. If it stopped/crashed then I should get to know about the crash. I need some tool for monitor the internal processes of the container. Is there any tool to take up this process monitoring task.? Can anybody suggest if such tools available or not? Or please suggest me how can I monitor the processes inside the containers? Any suggestion will help me a lot.

Siddhartha V

Best Monitoring Tools for Docker
AppOptics Docker Monitoring with APM. AppOptics provides a robust monitoring solution for Docker containers. …
SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor. …
Prometheus. …
Docker API. …
ManageEngine Applications Manager. …
cAdvisor. …
SolarWinds Librato. …

Hello @lewish95 ,

Thank you for the info. I looked into the tools you suggested. Yes they are good but I need freeware/opensource tools. I am using the Prometheus and cAdvisor already but they will not give any info on the processes running inside the container.

I am looking for a tool such that: Lets say I need to monitor the process “p”, then the tool should give me if the process is in running state or not, it should alert if restart of the proces occurs.

Please let me know if such tools available. Kind request.

Siddhartha V

Maybe have a look at process-exporter together with node-exporter?