How to mount EFS accesspoint using docker volumes to a container

Expected behavior

I want to mount efs accesspoint using docker volumes, not by mounting on server
how to do that. I don’t find any resource that can help me do that

Actual behavior

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If AWS itself does not provide any information about it, you can use the forum search on how to crate nfs based volumes. It has been discussed plenty of times and you should be able find a posts regarding the command line or compose file syntax.

EFS is “just” a managed nfs v4.1 server.

I am about to start working, so I won’t be able to provide a more detailed response for the next 9 to 10 hrs.

I mean, I am able to mount a specific directory just like an nfs server. but the point is how can i mount the accesspoint.

So, far I have not seen a useless and complicated feature than efs access points. I can create an access point for more isolation and a dedicated directory. but cannot mount it like an NFS server. There is no DNS for access points as well. And hence, can’t mount it to docker server without the help of special efs-utils from aws, and that too can’t be done in docker volumes. (As far as I have brainstormed and ran around the internet)

Never mind. Just realized, EFS accesspoints is meant for use only inside the AWS ecosystem and not outside it. So, it makes sense for it to not have any dns or any integration with solo docker containers/volumes.

My bad. Your suggested approach seems to be the only way.