How to obtain Docker Enterprise 18.x?

Hi all

Apologies in advance if this topic has been covered in-depth already. I have a project coming up where the product is expected to be deployed on Docker Enterprise 18.09 for Windows, but I can’t seem to find any resources around Docker Enterprise nor how to obtain it.

Does anyone perhaps have any info on how to go about obtaining Docker Enterprise, version 18.x specifically? Is a paid subscription required?


The old “Docker Enterprise” does not exist. It is “Mirantis Kubernetes Engine” now. Do you really need that exact version?

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Hi Akos

Thanks for the feedback. We’ve since determined that the product in question’s Docker Enterprise documentation redirects to Mirantis Runtime Container. It’s a bit confusing, as in my mind I had it that Docker Enterprise = Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, but seems that the Runtime Container will suffice in my case.

I suspect we can probably go with the latest build available, but we’ll stick with the precise version referred to in the documentation just to be safe.

I’ll try to update this thread as I progress with the project just in case anyone else out there runs into the same scenario, but I think we’re sorted as far as the Docker Enterprise/ Kubernetes Engine/ Runtime Container goes.