How to set --ipc=host during a build?

Use case:
I am building a container to run Oracle database. The purpose is to create a container with a sample database created.
Using Dockerfile, I am able to install all the prerequisite packages, as well as Oracle software.

However, creating the database (using Oracle’s ‘dbca’ tool) involves actually starting Oracle processes.

(This blog post essentially describes it: )

Oracle database processes use IPC shared memory, a lot of it. To make it start inside a container, it must be run with --ipc=host. However, there is no such option for ‘docker build’, thus I can’t do the build by using just Dockerfile, I must resort to a shell script ran inside a container to create the database, then commit it.

So my simple question is - is there a way how to specify --ipc=host for docker build? Or any workaround? If not, I guess I will open a new feature request.
(Yes, I googled a lot, and nothing relevant has shown up.)

For reference: I opened issue . There is already some interesting info.