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How to string together multiple powershell commands in RUN?

What would be the proper syntax to execute several powershell script on the same RUN command line? I tried different ways but can not come up with proper syntax

ADD server_config.ps1 /windows/temp/server_config.ps1
ADD iis.ps1 /windows/temp/iisconfig.ps1
ADD startup.ps1 /windows/temp/startup.ps1
RUN ["powershell.exe", "c:\\windows\\temp\\serverconfig.ps1"]; \
["powershell.exe", "c:\\windows\\temp\\serverconfig.ps1"]; \
 ["powershell.exe", "c:\\windows\\temp\\iisconfig.ps1"]

I responded on the other thread too.

FROM microsoft/windowsservercore

ADD hello.ps1 .
ADD world.ps1 .

CMD powershell .\hello.ps1 ; .\world.ps1

Sample project.

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