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Http proxies and beta 15

(Nicolas Ocquidant) #1

The beta 15 release notes state: “New Settings menu to configure http proxies”.
But I can’t manage to find it…


(Rolf Neugebauer) #2

Oops, we were planning to have that ready, but it wasn’t and we forgot to update that part of the release notes. Hopefully it’ll be ready for one of the next betas

(Nicolas Ocquidant) #3

OK. Can I use env variables to set the http(s) proxy or must I go back to docker toolbox? (cannot test @home)


(Stéphane) #4

Any answer? is there a workaround to set the env variable manually in the docker host that docker for windows runs?

(Onigoetz) #5

Is that also planned for Docker for Mac ?
In my company we have an auto-configuring proxy through a .pac file, and this doesn’t seem to work with docker.

It would be nice to be able to define a proxy (and certificates as well)

(Michael Friis) #6

It’s absolutely planned for Mac too!

(Stéphane) #7

Still not in beta16, is there plans to get it in beta17? Can we follow that anywhere? It will be a big boost for our developer environment :slight_smile:

(Jean-Laurent de Morlhon) #8

Unfortunately, due to last minute glitch this did not made the cut for beta17.
This should be in beta18, expect it next week.

(Marcel Trautwein) #9

great to see this, but: It seems to, that implicit setting of proxies are inherited from OS settings (which is great) are far way slower removed (as it turns out for me: Switching Network Environment + restarting docker (yes, with the VM) doesn’t help, but proxy settings are pruned / auto-set after closing the lid and continue work from sleep?!?! Can anyone confirm this? OR should any environment change automatically be applied “at instant” to docker?

P.S: what is the meaning of proxy settings grayed out as background in the input fields? Inherited from OS? Looks like some “enter here” and you have no choice to manually “prune” them?! Perhaps this would be a great enhancement?