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Https:// x509: failed to load system roots and no roots provided

(Decayofmind) #1

Actual behavior

Getting this after pasting my invitation code. Getting this since very early betas till now.


OSX 10.11.5

(Eugenmayer) #2

same issue here. Could install it on 2 boxes, but not on this last one with exact the same issue. The support never answered me on this, for more then 6 weeks now at least

OSX 10.11.5
Docker version 1.11.2, build b9f10c9
forMac: 1.11.2-beta15 (9168)
Proxy: not using any proxy or anything like that

I checked the certificate chain for … its rapidssl, so0 GeoTrust Global, and it is part of my system certificates. Entering this domain using any browser does validate the certificate

(Eugenmayer) #3

@decayofmind could you get it working in the meantime?

(Eugenmayer) #4

uninstalling docker for mac with AppCleaner and installing 1.12-rc2-beta16 did work without issues - i did, though not need to add any beta key. Maybe the beta-limitation has been removed