The ssl certificate of the Mac/Windows client download site is invalid

As title.

Good morning,
what is the complete URL you are trying to access?
For me there are some options why you get this ssl-error-message

  • You are behind a company/state-managed (transparent) proxy or there is some Man-In-The-Middle-attack with SSL-inspection.
  • Or it might be that your browser doesn’t trust the official issuer (the CA - Certificate Authority) of the *
  • Or they have some trouble with the server right now and they screwed up the certificates to use for encryption.

Checked with and I received a valid certificate-chain (Firefox running on WIndows 10 - both with german language):

So please check if you have the “Amazon Root CA 1”-certificate in your browser’s Keystore as trusted CA. Maybe you also need the “Amazon RSA 2048 M01”-certificate installed as trusted Intermediate-CA within your browser (if the server does not send it during the SSL-handshake).

Best regards

Thanks for your kindly reply.
This issue should be caused by our environment.