Hypervisor choice for Docker for Windows

Will it be possible to select which hypervisor to use with Docker for Windows or is it Hyper-V only?

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Great question.

Our thinking is that we want to build Docker for X using the best and most native hypervisor available on X. For Windows 10 (non-Home), we currently believe that’s Hyper-V. If we decide to support other Windows versions, we’ll look at what virtualization tech is going to get our users the best experience on those versions.

We’re not going to rule anything out, but I think we’re unlikely to make the local hypervisor plugable if that means that the user experience becomes more variable or unpredictable (this is arguable the case currently with docker-machine where different drivers implement filesharing, networking and other features differently, or not at all).

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I understand why Docker would decide against this, and I’m not saying I have to say it, but I’ll add my voice to @chribben as desiring the ability to choose hypervisor - at least between Hyper-V and VirtualBox.

I’ll just say this … it’s great to see Hyper-V support! It’s so hard to find and it’s usually not very good (thinking about vagrant as an example). If you’re doing any kind of mobile development in visual studio, you have to use Hyper-V and cannot use anything else which requires a reboot to turn off/on.

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