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Docker For Windows or Should I Just Do An Ubuntu VM and Install Docker?

(Cis4life) #1

Good Morning,

I’m just getting into Docker and what to stand up an environment that will handle docker best and had a few questions I couldn’t find directly online.

1.) I’m currently on Windows 10 Home (so no Hyper V). Does it matter if I use Docker for Windows (I guess via VirtualBox???) OR Should I simply create a Ubuntu VM via VMWare Workstation and install Docker there to develop and test against?

2.) Is Docker for Windows different than the linux or mac versions? What I’m saying is, will I run into images that will not work in Docker for Windows and such.

3.) Do I have to install Hyper V (via an upgrade to Windows 10 Professional) or can I run Docker the same via Virtual Box (I’m still not sure how this all works for windows as I know docker runs a small linux vm in the background).

Again, forgive my newbie type questions, just want to stand up this properly and learn all the the right way.


(Sam) #2

i would do the ubuntu vm… you will save yourself SO much angst…in my opinion