I can't login docker desktop error as in the foto

I can’t log in to the docker desktop account can’t connect and an error appears as in the photo. Constant error, how to fix?

Please be so kind and translate your post into English.

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Ok, I did it in English, could you help me please

At least I can try, if you tell us more about your situation. The error message indicates a network problem.

Since the domain name is resolved correct, it could be an issue along the route to the target network or maybe your network requires a http proxy, but you didn’t configure one.

You can try what happens if your execute ping login.docker.com. If your network setup is correct and you require no http proxy, the host should respond to the ping packages.

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Hey, The error message in the photo indicates that Docker Desktop is having trouble connecting to the Docker Hub registry. This can occur for a variety of reasons, including network connectivity issues, firewall restrictions, or incorrect login credentials.
Did it still happening with you or fixed?

I’m facing persistent issues with logging into my Docker Desktop account. Whenever I try to connect, an error message appears (attached photo). This problem occurs consistently, and I’m seeking assistance on how to resolve it. I would greatly appreciate your help in troubleshooting and fixing this login error. Thank you for your prompt support.