My docker desktop won't let me log into my account

Is anyone else having this error or has had this issue? My docker hub won’t let me log into my account. How do I fix this? I have tried restarting the app but it does not work.

What does that mean exactly? Do you have any error message?

Based on what I (don’t) know about your issue I can only say that I saw that removing the .docker folder in the user home or just running docker logout helped some users in case of login issues.

Also make sure you are using the right username when you try to log in.

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Hello @rimelek , I’ve the same issue of @theola24 : I’ve just installed Docker Desktop on Windows 11 and when I thi to login to my account click the hyperlink or the button…nothing happens.
I’ve tried reinstalling the programs but nothing changes.

I had some suggestions i my previous post. Have you tried any of those?

Hi @rimelek , thanks for the message. I’ve tried all the proposed solutions and tried uninstall docker desktop but nothing change. The login via command line are working… it seems a problem related to some kind of configuration of my windows 11 but… boh??!!

What is your web browser?
When you log in fromt he terminal, do you also see you are logged in in Docker Desktop as well?

Hello @rimelek unfortunately, logging in with the CLI does not change the status of the docker status application.
I’ll try to install in on a VM Linux and Windows to discover if the issue is my OS . Otherwise I really don’t know

What is in your $HOME\.docker\config.json? If credStore is set to “desktop”, when you log in in powershell, that you log you in on the Desktop.

I also remember that we had similar issues and eventually users realized they were actually logged in, just the desktop refreshed the UI slowly.

Hello @rimelek , sorry for delay on my answer. As supposed in my first post the issues was caused by my W11 installation. Reinstalling W11 and reinstalling the Docker Desktop application now everything work correctly. Thanks for the time spent on supporting me!