I have a question while using the Docker

Two containers (A,B) were created from the same image.

The two containers have the same mount path (-v) and port number (-p).

The “A” container is currently in the “stop” state. The “B” container is currently running.

Can I change the mount path and port number of the “A” container?

I am affraid not.

I know that the Synolog Docker UI for instance allows to change every parameter of a stopped container. My guess is that they destroy the old container and create a new one using the new configuration, while doing some dirty magic with implicitly created volumes (at the end those a named volumes with a random name).

There is a docker update [OPTIONS] CONTAINER [CONTAINER...]command, though it is restricted to updating cpu, blockdevice and memory related contraints. The command docker container update [OPTIONS] CONTAINER [CONTAINER...] is identical.