I have Docker Pro and there seems no options to use security keys to secure Docker

When I go to secure my app all I get is an option to secure my app using an app (i.e. a Google Authenticator prompt) and there appears to be no option to add security keys, although there is a “learn more page” that isn’t part of the security changes for your account. Is this not a feature of the Pro account? I am in Canada

I am not sure what feature you are referring to. How would you like to “secure” Docker Desktop and where do you see mentioning Google Authenticator?

Well, when you log in to hub.docker.com you can set up security measures to secure your account I don’t know anywhere else where you would log in to Docker besides using your password and 2FA. Security keys are unavailable for me. I am not referring to tokens.

Thanks for the clarification. I didn’t understand first that “security keys” means “hardware security keys”.

Here is some guide for the 2FA which also mentions yubikey

According to that when you enable 2FA, you will be asked to download an app like Yubico Authenticator to use security keys, but I can’t test it as I don’t have hardware security keys yet.

I also realized that you didn’t mention “Docker Desktop” so I don’t know how I could misunderstand that part :slight_smile: