I think I installed docker twice. how to delete one of the docker installations?

I think I installed docker for a second time by accident. So I have issues running my containers and getting exec RCON to work, bc it doesn’t want to open the tcp on the right docker installation.
My question is is there a way to find out of I installed a second version of docker and how to delete one of them or that I’m just screwing it up really hard.
I’m running Ubuntu server(18.04.3 lts)

Thanks for the help :smiley:

Edit: I think I screwed something up causing docker daemon to stop running.

Please execute dpkg -l | grep docker as root and paste the full output here.

i docker.io 18.09.7-0ubuntu1~18.04.4 amd64 Linux container runtime

Now this makes me currious… how does your install command look like?

I used the install command a second time and didn’t cancel it.

accidently modified my previous response, instead of writing a new one.

You installed the Docker package from ubuntus repos. A package can be installed exactly once. If you try to install it again - without removing it before - the package manager will realize it exists and does nothing.

I have actually no idea how the command looked like that I used…
, maybe I just screwed something in the file up or so?

I don’t even know what to respond to that…

If I update the docker engine, does it reset the engine/daemon files? And do I keep my containers with all off the data?