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IIS service is NOT present on the system - Image2Docker

(Chiarledoc) #1

Getting below error while running
ConvertTo-Dockerfile -ImagePath “D:\2012VM.vhd” -OutputPath D:\Docker\1st-IIS-DockerFile -Artifact IIS -Verbose
VERBOSE: Checking IIS ApplicationHost config for Windows Version: 6.2
VERBOSE: IIS service is NOT present on the system

Note : IIS is enabled in the VM and working fine. I am running this command from Windows 10 Enterprise. Website is present in Windows Server 2012 VM.

(Dfleming) #2

I had some issues with with Image2Docker (maybe not the same as you, can’t remember) but it started to work when I added the following argument - -ArtifactParam ‘Default Web Site’ after Artifact IIS. Maybe this will help you?

(Chiarledoc) #3

Thanks a lot. I will give it a try and let know.