Image published 24+ hours ago not showing up in search results

Just getting started using docker hub. I published an image

more thatn 24 hours ago.

My understanding is that after 24 hours it should show up in the search engine

if I search for my username ucommandit nothing shows up (community results)

Of note this account is only a couple days old if that makes a difference. Is there something in my account settings I need to activate/verify before my images show up in search results?

To be honest, I Don’t know how the search engine of Docker Hub works. It may be a bug or it could simply be some kind of spam filter. It is an old problem that spammers use Docker Hub to create repositories even without images. Although you have one image, you don’t really have a description. Since your user is new, Docker hub may index your repository later to make sure it is not a spammer account. Without a longer description, there isn’t anything to search for anyway. Searching for “alpine” will not show your image on the first pages and searching for the username does not make sense in case of a two days old account since the people you share your images with can get the link from you and others will not know about your account.

I recommend you to keep using your repository, add valuable images with proper description. When your account becomes more trusted, I guess Docker Hub will show it in the search result.

I have a PRO account,which also make my images more trusted I guess. If your account name is still not searchable after a week, you can try to report it on GitHub Issues · docker/hub-feedback · GitHub

Indexing your reposytory may take more time than a week, but unless you can find any information about it in the documentation, it you probably don’t want to wait much more.

Or if you have a paid subscription, you can contact the Docker support.

Good info. I kinda figured as much. I’ll be patient until I publish image(s) with proper descriptions and readme’s. You are right, at this point I don’t need others to find my images I can just share the direct link if need be.