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.docker folder overwritten - old virtualbox disk missing?

(Austinp) #1

Expected behavior

  • After shutting down / restarting a host or starting docker toolbox again, I expect to not lose my images.

Actual behavior

  • I lost my images


I turned on my PC today and fired up the Docker Quickstart Terminal. When I did then and I went to run the command I’ve been using several days (weeks?) to startup a container, I was informed that the image I was using did not exist.

I opened up VirtualBox to discover that I now have two default images, one which is disabled due to ‘GUIDs not matching’. Inside the %userprofile%.docker\machine\machines folder I can see that now the default folder and all of the files inside of it are created as of 6/11/2016 and roughly the time when I started the Docker Quickstart Terminal (I wasn’t looking at the time when I started the app, making an assumptive correlation.)

I’m assuming my images are gone because I can only find one vmdk inside my .docker folder and it is only 10mb, where as I had a couple of images before and they at least a gig or two. IF they’re not gone and just hiding somewhere, I’d love to know where and recover them. However, if they’re truly gone, I’d like to hear an ideas on why they’re gone and be pointed to any logs I can collect or look at to help determine that. Right now the only logs I’m finding are inside the default folder and were created today so I’m assuming those won’t contain pre-VM delete information.

Any advice or help would be appreciated.

Steps to reproduce the behavior (I don’t reliably know how to reproduce)

  1. create a docker image
  2. shutdown your host PC?
  3. turn it back on & startup docker
  4. maybe your docker images are missing now?