Impossible to kill the process in the container

i have a problem with a process in the container
i would like to kill the process number 14475 without restart the container
i try with the command a sudo kill -9 14475, but the process stay actif

do you have a idea ?

if i check the process of the container domoticz, i haven’t the ID process 14475

docker top domoticz
UID                 PID                 PPID                C                   STIME               TTY                 TIME                CMD
root                13384               13320               5                   oct.24              ?                   12:18:06            /opt/domoticz/domoticz -www 8080

any news , for this problem ?

Because you shared a screenshot which is hard to read I didn’t notice “defunct” in the line of the process. This is what I found

So you already killed that process but it couldn’t terminate its children.

Please, next time share texts in a code block not on a screenshot.