In docker hub, can I group repositories that actually belong together?

I have a docker-compose.yml file with multiple services defined in it. I am unsure if I’m naming my images in a correct/reasonable way. Here are some examples of image properties that I give to each service in a single docker-compose.yml file:

image: myname/specificproject_php
image: myname/specificproject_nginx
image: myname/specificproject_redis

In docker hub, it treats each of these services as a completely different repository. However, they all belong to the specificproject and I think it’s weird there is no way to somehow group these together.

I’m drawing parallels with how Github works - you have your username, then a repository, and then files.
I would expect DockerHub to work so that there is your username, repository, and then many images would live under one repository.

In other words, I would expect a naming like this:

image: myname/specificproject/php
image: myname/specificproject/nginx
image: myname/specificproject/redis

My question is - what is the correct way to organize images that actually belong to one project?

Would a developer typically leave php, nginx and redis service as a completely separate repository or is there some tooling available to group these together?