Can we group repositories?

Hi all

I’ve a Docker business subscription. I thought I could have been able to group private images (=repositories) but it seems not. Have I missed something?

More info: I wish to be able to create several groups (already done) and assign permissions to specific repositories but not one by one. To be more specific, how can I group 10 images into one group called PROJECT_1 and assign read/write permissions for TEAM_1 to that project.

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I don’t have access to any Business subscription and I never had, so I can’t answer from experience, but I can’t find that grouping feature in the public documentation:

Where did you hear about that?

You can’t group repositories and can’t assign permission to team or the job members. But not confirm about the up gradation of the account.

Oups… didn’t have received notifications

Thanks for your answers!

What I was looking for is grouping repositories as understand by @landon12 i.e. being able in the Docker Hub interface be able to put xxx repositories into a group named “PROJECT_1” and be able to set permissions on that group so I’ll not forget a repository.

The today way-of-working is to add the TEAM_1 on each repo which is not a good user experience (I can forget a repository) and if, in the future TEAM_1 should be dropped, I need to edit once again each repo one by one.

Perhaps will implement this in the future; hope so.

Thanks for your answers!

You can ask for it :slight_smile:


I’ve added a few suggestions related to my question here above.

  • issues/442,
  • issues/443 and
  • issues/444.