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Inappropriate generated image names

Today, after pulling in an image and running Kitematic, I was treated to a lengthy list of bizarrely-named images. I asked a coworker about this, and he said docker compose creates temporary images with random names, which are normally deleted. But if an error occurs, the images are retained.

Is there some way I can control the name generation?

For some reason I will never understand, it seems the names are generated by using random English words and names with apparently precious little filtering, if any. Shockingly, some of the results are rather inappropriate/creepy/weird:

  1. adoring_chatterjee

I got these 8 examples of names I don’t particularly want to see on my screen from a mere list of 74.

I find this rather childish - instead of using a stupid algorithm a 3 year old could predict will generate some inappropriate names, couldn’t someone have used a little more brains and just generated a hash? If the name is meaningless anyway, why get cutesy?

I’m not overly upset about it, but I can see how some people would be more annoyed.