Incomplete Compose Quick Guide

I tried to use to set up a wordpress sandbox.

I follows the instructions and they appear to work, but they seem to only handle the installation of the two containers. After upping the containers, localhost:8000 just returns “Error establishing a database connection”. The configuration on the wordpress database appears to be missing?

Also, the orchardup/mysql container had been deprecated. See

Any advice would be appreciated.

Hello Noel,

I did the same as you.
Unfortunately that article is still online guiding users to install a deprecated image from orchardup.
And also you can read here:
…that a command line “web server was designed to aid application development. It may also be useful for testing purposes or for application demonstrations that are run in controlled environments. It is not intended to be a full-featured web server. It should not be used on a public network.”
I think the right way to go is get this useful configuration here:
… and build a single docker container for mysql, and additionally create a single docker container for webserver and wordpress files.

I’m trying this way.
Let us know how did you set up your environment.

Thank you,