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Docker-compose with the command line?


(Titaniumbones) #1

I hope this is the right forum for this question, please redirect me if I’m in the wrong place!
I am trying to use docker in a digital humanities class in which students work with Wordpress themes and websites. I have a preliminary working version of a github repo that contains a docker-compose.yml and two simple Dockerfiles derived from published projects ( The repository builds a system of containers with mariadb, apache, and php/wordpress installed, and also runs browser-sync in a separate container with node. All of this is great, and it’s a tremendous improvement on other ways of installing Wordpress that I’m familiar with.

However, it still requires my students to run docker-compose up. I would very much like to help them avoid the command line if at all possible, mostly because it’s very difficult for me to support them as I run Linux, and my students have both macs and Windows machines. So I’m looking for maybe some kind of simple executable which could perhaps be run in Windows or Macos with a single click (which would bring up the containers); or any other solution that other people are familiar with.
THanks for your help!

(Sam) #2

I think you can make graphical shortcuts on both systems to run the compose…